Gaza War Telex I

Hamas militants launched grenades from the schoolyard of a UN-school for refugees to Israeli army troops; bombing the school by Israeli tanks was a logical reflex of selfdefence. In a war it's normal (no: it's part of your duty actually) to shoot back when beeing shot first. So this tragic accident is a result of a provocation from Palestinian Jihad-warriors, using own innocent people as woman and children as a human shield. Journalists who are writing "Israel army killing children by bombing school" are partial and avoiding the truth. Such journalists wearing an enourmous responsibility for the revival of antisemitism. The school was never a target for the Israel army force; she just answered an attack in a split of a seconde, not knowing the Hamas had the diabolic plan to launch grenades from the location of a school. It was simply a trap to accuse Israel in the presence of the worldopinion while the real guilty persons by this massacre are the inventors of this provocation, the Hamas.


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